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When you come to Barcelona, you probably wonder what would be the best place to try Spanish or Catalan food. Many guests ask us to recommend them some fine restaurants that wouldn’t be very touristic but rather places where locals prefer to go to enjoy some good food. With our joined efforts we came up with a list of top 10 restaurants and bars in Barcelona where we go ourselves and that we would recommend to our guests!


Pura Brasa®

This is a network of restaurants in Catalunya and Spain, mainly located in Barcelona, but also in some other cities. It is a gastronomic grill bar with the concept of traditional healthy cooking and eating in a pleasant, modern and casual ambience.  The menu has been designed to include a wide variety of dishes, all of which are prepared using top quality, fresh products. You will find tapas, salads, burgers, fish and meat, all with the characteristic flavour of grilled cooking. There are also many different menus for groups and dishes for vegetable lovers. Inside each restaurant there is a small gourmet shop, where clients can purchase the same ingredients as they have enjoyed during their meal. So they can make the dishes at home. To find addresses, book a table and get more information visit their website ->


El Xampanyet

This is one of the best known tapas bars in Barcelona and, definitely, the most popular in the neighbourhood of Borne. El Xampanyet meets the exact conditions to be an AUTHENTIC BAR, since it has been open for more than 80 years. The bar is always crowded and quite chaotic, but definitely the best place to experience the genuine atmosphere of an old Catalan bar. Its owners are an autochthonous marriage that is still there. El Xampanyet is this kind of bars that doesn´t need additional advertising because everybody knows about it.

The bar is known for its ANCHOAS and for the IBERIAN SAUCE, definitely tapas and dry cheese dishes served, all of a very good quality. The bar is always crowded, so you will never find it half empty. But, they have recently opened another tapas bar just opposite. The bar is located next to Museo Picasso with the address Carrer de Montcada, 22. 


El bosque Palermo

This restaurant is located in Eixample – the biggest barrio in Barcelona. Here you will find traditional Spanish and Mediterranean food at great prices. They serve really fantastic dishes and have gained a very good reputation among locals and foreigners as well. If you love seafood and fish this is definitely would be a place for you. Fish, calamari, mussels, shrimp, octopus, etc. are delicious, of outstanding quality, and enough for two people to share.  In this restaurant you can try seafood and meat paella just for 10€ per person. They have sangria and great house wine. The address is carrer Valencia 163. 


El bosc de Les Fades

This bar stands out due to its fascinating decoration. Coming here you can feel like you are in a dark forest. From time to time they turn off the lights and it sounds like rain and thunder fall! So, the atmosphere they have there is truly magical and very different from other bars. Bosc de Les Fades is divided into two rooms: the forest itself and an area that simulates the interior of an enchanted house. The forest is recreated with huge trees of real size, bridges that cross rivers and vegetation, waterfalls that take you to another world; there are even fairy statues hidden among the leaves. The house is decorated in stately style, in all details: antique furniture, a very baroque wooden bed, tinted toys, puffed curtains, antique paintings, magical mirrors...

It is the ideal place to have a cocktail before going out at night. The Bosc de les Fades is located near the Ramblas, inside the building of the Wax Museum. The address of the bar is Passatge de la Banca, 5.


Los Caracoles

The authentic and charismatic restaurant Los Caracoles with traditional high quality cuisine was founded in 1835 by Bofarull family in the most emblematic part of the Gothic Disctrict, near Las Ramblas in Barcelona. With the history counting for more than 180 years the restaurant has a well-earned fame and remains as authentic as it was back to that time. It has been characterized for being a place frequented, always, by outstanding personalities of the world of art, entertainment, politics and finance, attracted not only by the good culinary pleasure, but by the charm of its many corners full of history. Among personalities who visited the restaurant are: Lenny Kravitz, Robert de Niro, Giorgio Armani, Salvador Dali and others.

The name of the restaurant is translated from Spanish as snails; therefore this is the most famous dishes served in this restaurant. To get more information and book a table visit their website -> 


Terra Mar

Terramar Restaurant is located in the Poble Nou district of Barcelona. This is a traditional restaurant that serves all the dishes following step by step recipes of yesteryear. Terramar offers its customers homemade food elaborated in a totally handmade way. All dishes are cooked using the best raw materials from the most select markets. In addition, the Terramar Restaurant has the honour of having a prestigious kitchen team, which thanks to its long history in the culinary sector, manages to excite all diners. The menu includes a variety of seafood, fish, meat and other traditional Spanish food. The address of the restaurant is 34 Carrer Del Parlament.


La Pedreta

Near the unfinished and emblematic Sagrada Familia of Barcelona you can discover the existence of the charming restaurant La Pedreta, notorious for its emergent proposal of traditional Mediterranean cuisine and an atmosphere endearing and casual.

The cuisine of the restaurant La Pedreta has typical flavors of the land. You can appreciate it either by chopping tapas like their genuine patatas bravas, calamares a la romana and homemade croquettes or tasting their best versions of the menu. The Xató, the Russian Salad and the Rape with clams in sauce are, among many other specialties, a demonstration of its essence. During spring and summer restaurant has outdoor terrace. So if you are staying close to Sagrada Familia it is worth visiting this restaurant. The address of the restaurant is Carrer de la Marina, 271.



 The restaurant L'Arròs is located in the pretty area of Barceloneta close to the sea. Here you will find twenty-five different rice dishes that restaurant offers. The menu is not only limited to rice dishes, there are also seafood and fresh fish served. Moreover, paella of scallops to the gallega, Paella of sea urchins and prawns or the Rice puddings of rock fish leave no one indifferent. The good work of the restaurant L'Arròs also extends to the preparation of meats and fish. The grilled codfish on grilled steak and the beef entrecote to Porto confirm this premise. The restaurant has outdoor terrace where you can perfectly allocate with your friends and family and enjoy the surrounding atmosphere of Barceloneta. For more information visit their website ->


Can Majo

 Another nice restaurant in the Barceloneta district opened since 1968 offers a variety of seafood and paellas. The owners of restaurant are committed to sourcing only fresh and high quality ingredients from the sea. Can Majo was founded by Maria and Enrique, nowadays restaurant is managed by their children Rosa and Enrique who inherited the family tradition. The restaurant vision sounds as: “The Sea, its essence and its products imbues our soul and our restaurant.” This pretty much describes their principles towards managing the restaurant. Chef recommends Caldero de arroz con Bogavante (lobster rice dish) and the great variety of sea-based appetizers such as chiporones a la andaluza (Andalusian style baby cuttlefish). The service in the restaurant is great and the restaurant is highly recommended for visiting! Check their website to get more details ->


Bar Pinotxo

 Bar is located inside La Boqueria market, which is the most famous in Barcelona. To eat, Bar Pinotxo is an indispensable corner within La Boquería. Here you can eat a snack of butifarra or tasty stews for breakfast, lunch or snack in the middle of the morning. Its concept is this: traditional Catalan cuisine inside a market. You can get more insights about the food and working hours on its website ->


Top 10 places for eating in Barcelona where locals go

Top 10 places for eating in Barcelona where locals go

Top 10 places for eating in Barcelona where locals go

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Accommodation in Barcelona

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